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Question about sharing live concert recordings.

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I'm having a discussion with some others guys on another board, about if it's legal to share bootlegs and stuff. I actually don't know fully what the law says, so please, if you know, enlighten me.

Is it legal to download/share cellphone/camera recordings, if recording was allowed at the concert?

Is it legal to download/share cellphone/camera recordings, if recording wasn't allowed at the concert?

Is it legal to download/share internet streamed recordings, like Rock In Rio?

Is it legal to download/share TV-apperances, like GN'R at the VMA's?

Is it legal to download/share leaked pro-shot recordings, like many of the GN'R ones, let's just say The Ritz?

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I've always taken the stance that if the band is okay with fans trading and downloading shows then whether it's illegal or not is rather immaterial. The authorities are not going to bother wasting resources going after fans when this is the case. Authorities go after people when copyrights are violated in an effort to protect the copyright holder, i.e. the copyright holder wants to protect his asset. GN'R has always been pretty cool with the whole scene so why would the cops care?

Cops will go after fans who do things that are illegal and that bands really don't like, for example downloading albums. That's where money is actually lost. GN'R cannot lose money on people downloading or trading for the Ritz show because the Ritz show was never released for sale. And who is going to be interested in owning shows like that anyhow? Only the hardcore fans. And you don't have to worry about fans like that, they will buy whatever their favourite band puts out.

Technically I think a law probably is broken somewhere in the line of the recording of a show to it's distribution (trading, uploading) to it's acquisition (via trade or download). It isn't our material after all, most times it probably belongs to the band/label, others (like the Ritz) it belongs to MTV or what have you. Internet streamed recordings are owned by someone, I'd guess the streamer or the band/label who probably simply gave permission for the show to be streamed. But there are different degrees of breaking the law, and this one ranks right up there with breaking the speed limit IMO.

Of course, if someone's distribution of these shows is organized and they are trying to make money by more or less operating as a business, then I think that elevates the offense greatly. Now you are profiting and GN'R or Geffen or whoever owns the material is entitled to take a very hefty chunk of that, at the very least.

None of the above is definitive, merely just my interpretation. I've always found the entire scene rather curious. It seems that at GN'R shows recording is not allowed. But people inevitably do record, and when a show is released to fans it's like they don't care. Why not simply allow recording? There are some bands that do encourage this. Personally I'd love to see GN'R sell every show online, charge like $2 a pop or something. I'd buy them all. As far as I know Axl records almost every show, and has for some time. I've rambled long enough. :sleeper:

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It all comes down the band in question.

If the band is okay then there is no problem in my eyes. Some bands even have sections for people to film.

If the band is against it, then it gets a bit murky. Probably not a good idea to trade it.

Offical of any kind is a no-no.

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