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Question about GNR Vinyl Picture Discs

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Does anybody know if Guns N' Roses Paradise City gun shapped pic disc (in white back ground) GEF 50P and Welcome To The Jungle pic disc GEF 30TP should have stickeres on the pvc sleeve that the vinyls come in. All the other pic discs do.

The WTTJ one definnitely does have a sticker on the PVC sleeve, here is an example:


As for the white PC I have a feeling it doesn't. The clear version definitely does, but I have often seen the white version described as a mispressing which if it is, would explain why it doesn't have a sticker and barcode on the sleeve. I actually can't recall ever seeing the white one for sale with a sticker on the pvc sleeve. Obviously sleeves get lost and replaced overtime, but you should still see it come up for sale every now and then with the original sleeve and sticker but you don't. However you regularly see the clear one with a sticker.

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