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Okay, I know there aren't any reasons for me to defend this band( Samuel L. Jackson would say " this band is motherfucking criticproof "), but damn it if this isn't a guilty pleasure of mine.

For those who don't know(mainly Americans) ,Scooter is a techno/jumpstyle/happy hardcore band which has managed to have quite a large amount of hits in Europe. They have lots of fake crowd samples,chipmunk vocals and the rapping of H.P. Baxxter , whose lyrical content is one of the funniest things ever recorded , because its complete nonsense. :D

Favorite songs:


Maria Maria( I like it loud)

Endless Summer


One(Always Hardcore)

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It so so lame that it is kinda funny!

"We started in 1995 and now in 1997 - WERE STILL ON THE CASE - HOMETOWN CREW, together NOTHING can stop us now"

The guy with the white hair is one of the best poets of the well old and new Millenium... "FUCK THE MILLENIUM"

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