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Green Day name new album


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Green Day have announced the name and rough release date of their new album.

A posting on the band's official website Greenday.com revealed that the album - called '21st Century Breakdown' - will be released this May.

US Fans can pre-order the album now from the Greendaymusic.com.

The album, Green Day's eighth, is split into three 'acts' - 'Heroes And Cons', 'Charlatans And Saints' and 'Horseshoes And Handgrenades'.

Last night (February 8), Green Day presented the award for Album Of The Year at the Grammys.


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I think it's a pretty cool move by the band, I'm not quite sure I fully understood that 'coattails of the industry' comment above. They could easily have made another bestseller à la American Idiot with a couple of catchy singles. Whether you like him or not, Billie Joe Armstrong is great at writing that particular sort of simple sing-along pop ("Minority", "Nice Guys Finish Last", "Holiday") that gets stuck in your head.

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Most of the tracklist is revealed:

Act I: Heroes and Cons


1- 21st Century Breakdown

2- Know Your Enemy

3- Viva La Gloria

4- Before Lobotomy

5- Christian’s Inferno

6- Last Night On Earth


Act II – Charlatans and Saints


7- March of the Dogs

8- Death of a Nation

9- Ressurection

10-The Living Dead


Act III – Horseshoes and Handgrenades

Not revealed.

the song titles are godlike..March of the Dogs, it's promising.

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Teen girls everywhere will swoon.

Wrong band. Green Day has a very diverse audience. You have the punks who have been there from 1039/Kerplunk, the massive Dookie audience, the latecomers from AI. Dare I say Green Day are approaching u2 territory with commercial and critical success. Oh,yeah, one more thing, Green Day rules!

I probably should have done a quote, was referring to the cover.

Looking forward to this myself actually.

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