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Aerosmith working with Brendan O' Brien

Snake Eyes

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I'm glad Aerosmith are starting things up for the next release but I think Brendan O' Brien is a mistake, think of how much he smoothed over Libertad, Working On A Dream, Black Ice etc.. Some things he's done are cool but hopefully he won't try and pull them back into writing commerical stuff after how awesome Honkin' On Bobo was (even if it was covers).

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I like 21st century 'Smith. There's the good old stuff, then the 80s-90s power ballads arena rock (Only a few stand-out songs likes Deuces, Amazing, Livin On The Edge, Janie etc) and then the Nine Lives-onwards stuff is quite good.

They've moved with the times. If they'd released carbon copies of Rocks for 20 years, people would be moaning that it all sounds the same a la AC/DC.

Just Push Play is a great album, with great modern production, but I don't think people 'got it' so to speak. Honkin' is a fantastic album, but sold real poor, showing that there's no market for 70's Aerosmith.

I'll be happy with anything that sounds fresh. Seeing them at Hyde Park was a real experience, musically they are second-to-none, tight, and do it better than most bands half their age.

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^^ I would like to hear Springsteen's new record in rawer production that he deserves, it's still one of my favourites of his from recent times but not the production.

I hope he doesn't produce Joe and Brad's guitars like he did for Slash and Dave in Libertad, they sounded like fucking synthesisors half the time (and I loved Libertad).

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I'm interested in hearing this but I'm not expecting that much, just hoping they'll go with more Honkin' On Bobo than Just Push Play. Brendan O'Brien is a crap choice though, since he's manage to ruin most of the stuff his produced during the last couple of years... I'm really hoping for a tour here though.

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This guy produced some cool albums in the 90's.

I agree.

Libertad I'm ambivalent about -- part of me feels the production is way too polished, but then part of me would rather blame the material. This is coming from someone who loved Libertad out of the gate and has since tired of it; with Contraband it was the polar opposite.

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Why they need to produce mass friendly album ?

They have all the cash in the world, and if they tour they would earn millions more

I would like 21st century version of "Rocks" or "Get Your Wings" - great guitar driven album, after their comeback guitars weren't the same , and I am tired of "Crazy" "Crying" "I don't Wanna Miss A Thing" and other Medicore songs like "Jaded" or "Just Push Play" they lost edge with those albums - Pump and Permanent Vaction are great but rest is crap.

Bring Old Aerosmith Back something like Rocks mixed with Pump would be a killer for fans.

And I think Aerosmith want to go that way - look at Guitar Hero Aerosmith - it was almost all old songs , and band would sell the game better with "hits" like Crying. So I hope they want to make vintage albums with 21st century production.

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