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Pop kicks ass. I still think that a lot of people heard Discotheque and gave up on the album. I bet someday this will be recognized as one of u2's greatest albums. If god will send his angels is possibly my favorite u2 song ever. POPMART is one of the best shows I have ever seen, back in 97 at the Skydome in Toronto.

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No U2 album has "flopped."

Pop is the weakest release thus far, but it still was a success, and had the massive PopMart tour. It wasn't a comeback album because the early 90's were a massively successful time for the band.

If anything All That You Can't Leave Behind is their one "comeback" album, having been released after Pop.

And that certainly didn't flop.

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i wouldnt know, i just read about it in some worst comeback albums ever article and remembered the name :shrugs:

You're not too far off though - By U2 standards, the album was a significant commercial disappointment. So it was a "relative" flop, but by normal standards, it did pretty well.

As for the album itself, I think it's terrific. I'm not a U2 fan, but their 90s work is fantastic, and Pop still sounds really unique and gutsy to this day. It's got energy and vitality, which is more than I can say for U2's albums after this point.

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