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Dream Theater


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Yeah, they are good.I like their most famous songs like Pull me under, and Change of seasons.

Ah yes, Changing Of Seasons, the huge 20 minute epic.

Dream Theatre is the best prog metal band ever.

yep,they're great so,have yu ever heard Dance of Eternity?or the Mirror?listen it,they're fucki'n cool :D

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Alright, I'm getting kinda interested in Dream Theater and I'm gonna buy an album on Sunday. Can someone tell me which one to buy first?

I'm over at the board on the official site and I see Bubba and TheTerminator are logged on. Anyone else registered? I'm gonna register now

ok, thanks ;)

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Dream Theater are awesome! Definately THE best Prog Metal band ever.

Favourite DT album - "Scenes from a Memory"

As for Opeth, they're great, but I always look at them as Melodic Death Metal. Sure they are very good technically, but they don't have a "progressive" sound per say.

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