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What's your favorite U2 song?

arnold layne

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Wow Rock N' Roll, you've really taken the U2 criticism personally! Look at your sig and avatar, and the new threads. :lol:

Anyways, I do like some U2 songs, mostly their late '80s and early '90s material. My favourite would have to be Angel of Harlem. I also like Pride (In the Name of Love), One, Stay (Far Away, So Close!), Numb, Desire, and All I Want is You. Plus a few others.

I've actually never listened to Actung Baby, and it's been forever since I heard The Joshua Tree (had it on cassette at one time). I'll probably pick these up on CD one day. I do have Zooropa, but other than the two songs I noted above to me the rest of that album is unremarkable.

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Stay out of the fucking thread if you don't like him, douchebag.

Does "Rock N' Roll" stay out of Guns N' Roses threads?

Yeah, unless Robo Axl makes makes a comment so idiotic that I feel the need to budge in.

I'm a Guns N' Roses fan - mostly older GN'R than new. I say a lot of stuff just to piss off the **I am a stupid cupcake;Just Ignore my post** here, but that doesn't mean I don't like the band. I just think that some people take Axl Rose a little too seriously.

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