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okay okay okay, my band's got some rough cuts up.

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Fun Under Ceramic Kites

If you do listen, listen to the whole thing.

We're going to re-record these with our actual bass player (I played bass on the tracks, but really I play lead guitar and sing.).

They definitely need work, especially on the solo's. The last song is just a cover.

Thanks, if you do give it a listen. :heart:

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Starts off a bit too slow and shoddy, I think its to do with the drummer not putting enough effort into the beat. After about 1:30 and where the guitar kicks in it gets way better. The vocals are pretty good - sort of like Matt Bellamy.

Its was a good listen, just need to tighten up on the first minute or so.

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I like it, but the recording of it all sucks big style.

It really is a f*cking mess.

I'm quite sure if you got someone with a good understanding of production and recording you'd be on to something...

...you should get rid of those "twiddly diddly" guitar solos too, as they went out with Guns N' Roses and sound like your guitarist's still learning to play.

Less is more etc.


Otherwise, great stuff and good luck.

The positives far outweigh the negatives!

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We're going to go back and re-record the rest of our songs, we've got a new song up and it's mixed far better,

let me know what you guys think.

Before we were using one of these:


This time we just used that to record the drums, and used acoustica for everything else.

EDIT: and ignore all of the hotlink images =P

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