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Alice In Chains complete new album


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Obviously the band's PR guy is going to make the album sound great, but with Jerry still writing the songs theres no way it can be bad. We'll see how Duvall handles the vocals. I have a feeling he'll do a good enough job though.

Here is a link to the thing about Duff, you have to go to the talking metal podcast and listen until about 18 minutes in


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Guest floyd the barber
No Layne = No AIC

Well Layne isn't coming back big guy, there's no use in fighting.

Personally, floyd the barber here is a big Grunge fan so he's excited to hear what these brilliant artists are producing next.

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Lead singer sounds a bit like Kermit the Frog at times :rofl-lol: Have you heard him tackle Them Bones? Those oppening eek's are :confused: TBH I will probably buy, and I think although his voice is something to get used to it is still likeable and without a doubt a talented individual - I like him but I won't be expeting another..Would? rock4

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To be honest, I'm not sure what to expect

While I believe Cantrell is incredibly talented and damn fine song-writer - it was still Staley's vocal and direction that made AIC as special as they were

I have both of Cantrell's solo albums and they are real good .....but to call either a great record would be pushing it

Having Kinney (phenominal) back is a plus, but I imagine we're gonna get something pretty similar to his solo stuff - which is fine, but I'm hesitant to think it will be the next great album

Will give it all the chance in the world though -

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