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estranged 16

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i have an ipod video nano and every time i try to sync it onto itunes, the screen of the ipod freezes. this is usually solved by me doing the 'reset' by pressing the menu and play button but it's just really frustrating because it's been happening for a while now..and it's every single time that i sync it. any suggestions on how to fix it?

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that's a little different though. when i plug it into my computer, it's just a quick update to add all my new songs and it freezes instantly. it isn't really a big problem, but it just gets annoying after a while

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little story my daughter bought a ipod recently, was in bathroom and dropped it in toilet, voila no work anymore, told me its under warranty I laughed out loud saying there is no way they would fix it but take it in anyway, well she proved me wrong they gave her a brand new one after just 1 week! I was shocked. If its under warranty send it in if she got hers done there should be no trouble with re-flashing yours


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