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Which is the best concert you have ever been to?

Gallagher Rose

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I've been to some great concerts in the past but the best one I've attended was U2's POPMART tour in Rio, 1998, that concert was biblical. Guns n' Roses in Rock in Rio 2 (1991) was also a fantastic experience, considering that it was their first show of the Illusion albums, the first concert with Matt and Izzy was there.

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I have 2.

1. Van Halen/BTO, 1986. I had front row seats on Eddie Van Halen's side of the stage. He was on top of his game and they played for 2 1/2 hours.

2. Aerosmith/Guns N Roses, 1988. Aerosmith was good, but we were all there to see GnR. I had horrible seats, but it was still a great show. Guns had been touring off and on for about 2 years and they were tight, and had just become a mega-huge band in the previous months. Best rendition of "Knocking on heavens door" I've ever heard. 18,000+ singing along, no back-up singers, no keyboards, just the 5 guys kicking ass. Also, heard "Patience" for the first time, "Lies" wouldn't come out for a few more months. An arena full of lighters lit up. The good old days.

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AC/DC earlier this year, fucking great, I'll be seeing them again next month.

Close to that are Duff McKagan's Loaded last year and probably Jackson Browne, The Rolling Stones, Velvet Revolver...


AC/DC was incredible! My ears were ringing for days

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Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group at Dingwalls in Camden. Only like a 500 capacity gig, amazing.

Bob Dylan at the O2 in London last month. A little bit bigger gig, but still awesome.

And of course GnR in Sheffield '06. Just mental.

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Guns N' Roses / RDS Arena / June 2006

The Who / Marley Park / June 2007

Aerosmith / Marley Park / June 2007

I went to the Mighty Boosh show in September 2008 as well, if that counts as a concert. Really small venue, front row in the exact center. It was awesome :)

I can't decide.

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God, lucky you folks have seen gnr the late 80's early 90's. I wasn't even born in the 80's :o I was so born at the wrong time.. Don't know which is the best concert I've seen.. But I'm gonna se Slash with Ozzy Osbourne, Ron Wood and Jason Bonham in June. I think that will top...!

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havent been to a ton of concerts, a couple local bands, a few big-but-not-too-big band concerts... and a few big ones.....

so, in order::

Cruefest (2008) ::

Fuckin awesome show really, 3 awesome bands, a really good live band and an opener.... Motley, Sixx: A.M., Buckcherry.... well worth the money. Had pretty decent seats (upper bowl but almost at the side of the stage). Motley is [err.. almost] always a good show

Buckcherry/Papa Roach (2009) ::

Only show i been to this year. we got there kinda early, were front row, literally about 2 feet from the amps, stevie came out and solo'd right in front of us. we filmed almost the whole thing too... fucking amazing night, buckcherry are an AWESOME band, esp. live

Kid Rock (2008) ::

Again, i got there early with my friend and we got front row... holy fuck can this guy put on a show! he would alternate between songs while in the middle of another song, like, he'd do "Cowboy", and in the middle he'd do a country song... fuckin AWESOME showman...

Motley Crue/Aerosmith (2006) ::

Route of all evil tour, such a fitting name, hahaha.... my first "big time" show, kinda crappy seats but it was still an amazing show. Motley came out and really got people pumped, prolly better than aerosmith, except steven sounded way better than vince...

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Queen+Paul Rodgers- Live at Wembley Arena, november 8th 2008

Words can not express just how good it was. Beyond amazing, two and a half hours with no breaks, I was three metres from the catwalk the atmosphere was fantastic.

Paul Rodgers proved why he's called The Voice even though they had a show at the 02 Arena the night before. Brian May played great, had great contact with the audience and made a hilarious comeback from a bum note right in the middle of Love Of My Life. A Kind Of Magic is not my favourite song but watching Roger Taylor sing it while playing the drums was extraordinary. The new songs from The Cosmos Rocks were real highlights, especially We Believe and Cosmos Rockin' (the first encore song). Other standouts were Feel Like Making Love, Fat Bottomed Girls and The Show Must Go On (Paul just rips it!!!).

I could go on forever, but it really was that good. Those who never got around seeing them have really missed something.

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

Either Iron Maiden at Ullevi in Göteborg (Gothenburg) in 2005 on their "The Early Days Tour" or Aerosmith at Sweden Rock Festival 2007.

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Iron Maiden - Mansfield, MA 6/20/08. We made a 6 hour drive to Boston for this right after one of my exams, to get there and find out the tickets we got were actually shit (It's a very wide amphitheater, and combined with Maiden's wings on either side of the stage, we were so far over we literally couldn't see anything but the tip of the far wing). Anyways, it turned out the guy next to us knew the security guard at the entrance to the pit, and he got us moved into the pit (Most people who complained actually got displaced to worse seats!). The pit was pretty small, maybe 200 people. Anyways, I was second from the barrier on Dave Murray's side. Words can't describe how fucking tight the band was that night, it was my 5th time seeing Maiden and I'd never seen them play with the intensity they did then. Nicko broke his snare head twice he was playing so hard, and Adrian broke 2 strings on his SG, leaving him to play his Jacksons for the rest of the night. I caught one of Dave's picks at the end of the set, and at the end of the encore, Steve put a wristband right in my hat, only to be snatched out of it by some drunk fucker next to me! But really, other than that, it was a perfect night, and I doubt I'll ever go to another show that good!

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Guest Apollo

Saw GnR on the 2nd to the last show of the last tour at Universal Studios a couple christmas's ago. Was special, as I took my son and it was his first concert. Opening band sucked. Suicide Girls were cool. Bach was very good live. And then experiencing Axl live with my 15 year old was pretty amazing.

Saw Don Dokken at a little club a long time ago. He was touring with Judas Priest. Kick ass concert. After the show, we headed out to one of the local bars and at about midnight, Don strolls in and ends up on stage and did 4-5 songs. About 80 people in the audience. That was very cool.

Oh, saw David Lee Roth in Seattle at a small club, maybe 1000 people. But my exwife and I were eating dinner in the cafe that was attached to the club. Up pulls a limo outside . . . out comes DLR and a couple guys, carrying cases of beer, and they just stroll right through the side door. I stood up and shook Dave's hand, told him I'd come from Alaska to see him, he said "cool man" and then he kept walking and I sat down and finished my chicken caeser salad.

You all might laugh, but one of the coolest shows I ever saw was Tora Tora, LA Guns and Dangerous Toys. It was must pure meyham. Drinking, weed smoke every where, 18-22 year olds flashing their boobs . . . it was a giant party. A pure party.

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Kiss Alive 35, live in Caracas Venezuela!! rock1

This is my review from the show that was posted on the front page of Kissonline.com last month.

It was the best day of my life so far!


An Unforgettable KISS, set Caracas on Fire!

The Kiss concert in Caracas, Venezuela last Friday night was an experience out of this world, it was mind blowing...Words cannot express how it was like to be there at the stadium seeing, enjoying, breathing, and feeling KISS ALIVE!! During the show we had everything, since flames, explosions, fireworks,smoke, blood and even the rain decided to join us for a few minutes. The atmosphere was pure, exquisite, and raw rock and roll, we wanted the best and we got it!!

Definitely it was beyond my wildest dreams. A night that will always remain in my heart, a dream come true!2 hours and half of an impeccable display of sound, an amazing talent, greatness and perfection.. Plus the charisma of one of the best front man ever in rock history, Mr Paul Stanley, who kept during the whole show an incredible chemistry with the audience.One of the highlights for me was having Paul flying all over me, that was the most surreal moment of my life, he looked like coming out from a magazine and suddenly there he was all glamorous and stylish with his big boots in front of me singing Love Gun. I felt like I was inside of a DVD or something.

The whole show was filled with a great vibe, heat and a fantastic energy and adrenaline,the heaven got on fire and so we all did!! And to make the night even more memorable, they played with the help of the audience Forever, it was very moving, I was certainly one of the people screaming for it hehe..

Thank you so much KISS from coming to our country, much appreciated, hope to see you soon again. You made me feel what is like to be alive, and its awesome! I LOVE YOU! *hands down* We cant get enough from you!!

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1:Rolling Stones 1978

That must have been a good one. I suppose they did a lot of songs off of Some Girls?

Miss You,When the Whip Comes Down,Beast of Burden,Just My Imagination,Respectable,Far Away Eyes (Mick was on piano),Shattered.

...utterly astounding

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Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Reunion Tour in 2000. Absolutely the greatest show I have ever seen, although I think this year could rival it.

Hopefully Im getting tickets to Bruce Springsteen at Giant Stadium for the final time on Oct.2 before its demolished. The show will be an EPIC without a doubt.

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1) Guns N Roses Melbourne 2007 shows both right next to the stage Row A

Axl, Robin and Bumblefoot all noticed me I got a few smiles from them :lol:

2) Guns N Roses + Skid Row + Rose Tattoo 1993

3)Faith No More 6 shows 1995-1997

4)Alice In Chains Melbourne 2009

5)Velvet Revolver Melbourne 2005

6)Red hot chili peppers one hot minute tour 1996

7)Iron Maiden Melbourne 2008

8)Counting Crows (2009)

9)Powderfinger (Hifi bar and the 3 shows at the forum)

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