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These guys were beyond good.

Guest Apollo

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Guest Apollo

In my humble opinion . . . there was one band from the late 80's that could have put themselves in the same upper echelon of bands like Zepplin, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, U2, GnR if not for the death of their lead singer. It's hard to predict how a band will turn out. But these guys had it all. A kick-ass lead singer. A unique sound. Great musicians. Great songwriters. I can't see them every selling out or putting out crap music.

Rolling Stone mag said this about them: "succeeds where countless other hard-rock albums have failed, capturing the essence of what made Zep immortal – dynamics, kids! – and giving it a unique Nineties spin."

Fucking brilliant. That's as good as I can describe them. I love them.

OK - not one of their songs, but an album that was put together SPECIFICALLY as a tribute to the fallen lead singer.

One of the ten best songs from this era.

If you have never listened to Mother Love Bone please do yourself a favor and give these videos a look.

Just at least listen to like the first 30 seconds of each song and see if you dig them or not.


Man of Golden Words

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Guest Apollo
They were a good band, no doubt, but I wouldn't compare them to guys like the Stones.

Well . . . they only had one official album, so I wouldn't put them in the Stones class either.

BUT in terms of potential, I think they were right there.

They were part of the grunge movement. But seperated themselves from just being a grunge band by their sound. They were more of a rock band that had queen, Zeplin and grunge influences. Very unique sound.

Unfortunately, with Wood ODing, we will never know.

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I really like Mother Love Bone. I, personally, don't know if they would've been as successful as any of the bands you listed, but they sure had the talent to. They weren't my favorite band from the Grunge era (if you call them Grunge, I dunno), but they were definitely up there with the best of 'em.

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Ah Mother Love Bone, great band, Apple is a great album :) They had a very unique sound, and especially Andrew, he had a very distinctive voice. Crown of Thorns is probably my favourite song by them.

Still, I guess with Andrew Wood dying we got Temple of the Dog and Pearl Jam, so something positive came out of it :tongue2:

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ha I knew this'd be about Mother Love Bone just from reading the first few paragraphs

great band although im not sure if they would have blown up into a massively successful hard rock act in the early 90's, that was pretty much the genre's decline but its so hard to tell cause some of the remaining members went on to join pearl jam so its not like they were riding on Wood's talent. thats how it went wasnt it? i wouldnt know, im not too keen on pearl jam but Mother Love Bone was a cool fuckin band

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