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UNOFFICIAL How to Completely Block MYGNRFORUM Members that Annoy You


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I've edited a Greasemonkey Script that will remove all posts, quotes, and threads by users on MYGNRFORUM (and all IPB forums) that you hate! You simply download the source code, add the users you hate to the block list, and run it. Yes the forum has an "ignore feature," but it still leaves traces of that user. You can see the "click here to see post" button and still see their crap. Use this script if you just want to forget them all together!

What you need

Once you've got Firefox with the Greasemonkey add on, download the source code linked above. Open it with a text editor, and add members names you'd like to block in the "blockUsers" area, separated by a comma.

After that, save the file. In Firefox, go to file >>open file >> block_members.user.js

It'll ask you to install it, click yes. Then making sure Greasemonkey is enabled in the lower right corner of your browser window, the script will be active!

Future plans include removing them from the online users list, and support for more forum types!

Example Photos:


ssiscool's original post


post removed with script, no trace


Nightcrawler's original thread in green


Nightcrawler's thread removed

I'll provide support in this thread if needed.

Edited by kevin
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Lame attempt at "Phishing" Kevin :D


I wish. The source code is openly available at the link above, anyone can see it. There's no phishing or hacking or whatever you wanna call it in it-- it just sets the tables to people you want to see to style as "none."

Forum members have asked me if I officially endorse this "script". I do not, if you decide to install, you do so at your own risk. ( no offence Kevin )

Hey none taken mang!

I aggree with username. If people annoy you to that extent, you need to get out more.

To each their own though. Also you aren't really blocked for me, jsyk :lol:


Right click the "monkey" icon, click Manage User Scripts and uninstall. You could also remove the greasemonkey addon.

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