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Trent Reznor Mentions Axl In Interview


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DATE: July 2009 Issue

SOURCE: Mojo magazine

NIN's Trent Reznor gave an extensive interview to Mojo Magazine, where he talked about his life, music and thoughts about the changing music industry. Here is the excerpt that mentions Axl:

Reznor explains that he wants to be a leader for peers through example and believes the most interesting way to do that right now is on-line, not on-stage. Then he laughs at the pretentious sound of this statement. "I'm not an idiot, I swear. I'm not some fucking Axl Rose!" he smiles. Clearly the man who wrote Hurt is feeling pretty good.

"I've always been drawn to some sort of hook. And theatrical things, a sense of art direction: Gene Simmons was a big influence. I am truly embarrassed to say that now, with what he's become. He's a corny, jive, ridiculous person who embodies everything that I despise in the music industry. It's not about art or even quality, it's about the product for sale."


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