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juggernaut of justice


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And Anvil really are back. With new rockumentary Anvil! The Story Of Anvil released on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday, and a new album out soon, the band are embarking on a new phase of their career.

“The new album we’ve got coming out is called Juggernaut Of Justice,” said Lips. “We’re not sure on a release date, but it’s already been written and recorded. We’ve just been playing all over the US to sold-out crowds, which has been amazing.”

Tonight is going to an incredible treat for fans of the heavy-metal rockers. Don’t forget, this is the band that has influenced the likes of Slayer and Metallica, and they’re still rocking hard after over 31 years on the road. Lips says he can “hardly hear a thing anymore”, but his lack of hearing hasn’t compromised the band’s sound.

“Expect lots of fun. Loads of old classics, and a few new songs too. Yeah, it’s gonna be a lot of fun…” said Lips. Looking forward to it, boys!

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I've been meaning to check out that documentary. They have tons of cool songs. "Shadow Zone" is probably my favorite from them. I'll check out the album, as well.

cool, ive heard some people have a go at them because of the documentary but if it wasnt for that theyd never get another chance. itd be cool if JOJ stormed the charts

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