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Does anyone heer dislike any certain Guns N' Roses songs?


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How the fuck can GN'R fans say they they hate some of their songs. the only one i dislike is IRS because of the intro vocals. the rest is good.

you can still be a fan and not be in love with every fucking song that the band has ever done. that would actually be kinda retarded. every band, EVERY band, has some terrible songs.... just thrown on as filler.

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Was never a big fan of Out to Get Me, Get in the Ring and now Shackler's and Street of Dreams make the list

Out Ta Get Me is a pretty bad song, i just didnt include it cause i love the riff and the pre-chorus so much

other than that it gets really boring

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Of course, even the best bands have their stinkers. For me I've never really dug:

Right Next Door to Hell

Garden of Eden

Perfect Crime


Don't Cry (alt)

My World

You're Crazy (AFD)

Anything Goes

Reckless Life

Nice Boys

And probably a bunch of songs off of TSI?, but I need to go back and listen to that album again since it's been so long when I last heard it.

I've always thought a lot of fans didn't like Dead Horse, so I'm surprised I don't think anyone's mentioned it. DH is awesome.

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this excludes all CD songs and covers that i don't like

anything goes

you're crazy on AFD

bad apples

shotgun blues

right next door to hell

garden of eden

14 years

so fine

my world (that's a given though)

oh and like someone else mentioned, with november rain, i just skip right to the last two minutes, don't know if that counts as 'disliking it' though

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Everything on AFD, UYI I & II and most of Lies.

OIAM was okay, and I liked the punk covers from TSI?

CD was a mixed bag, but better than anything '87 - '93

OMG was their only decent song. Should have been a single.

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