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Sunny Day Real Estate Confirm Reunion Shows

John Bonham

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Seattle emo pioneers Sunny Day Real Estate will reunite for a pair of West Coast fall shows, Idolator reports. The confirmed dates include an October 13th show at San Francisco’s Fillmore and an October 16th gig at Seattle’s Paramount. “We got together in March and played,” Enigk told Seattle radio station The End during an interview taped a few weeks ago.


Sunny Day Real Estate split in 2001 after business troubles threatened to derail their creative process. Guitarist Dan Hoerner, bassist Nate Mendel (now of the Foo Fighters) and drummer William Goldsmith formed the band in 1992 and Enigk joined soon thereafter, and they split three years later after a tour supporting Sub Pop debut Diary, though they did manage to release ’95’s LP2. They reunited in 1998 (with Jeff Palmer stepping in for Mendel) and released two more studio albums and a live set. Their most recent LP was 2000’s The Rising Tide.


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There is to much conflicting information floating around on this.

First it hasn;'t been confirmed that Hoerner is involved? If he isn't then what makes this band any different then The Fire Theft?

Hoerner and Enigk hate each other more then Slash and Axl, and just seriously doubt he's invovled; Which sucks because he, and not Enigk, was the main songwriter.

Great, I ordered Diary off Play last week.

Get all 4 of their albums.

All of them are 5 Stars.

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My brain was on the verge of exploding until I realized that there's nothing confirming which config of SDRE will be on stage. Cautiously optimistic though.

Billboard confirmed that it is the original lineup.

Buying my tickets to the Atlanta show in an hour (Presale). I might try and go the one in Houston also.

Anyone else from this forum, attending any of the shows?

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