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If you are a fan of good guitar playing your really should check this girl out!


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Among the endless Jacko stories I have been reading one was about this girl who was going to be his lead guitarist for his upcoming tour. I was somewhat interested only because I had never heard of her and some of his stuff is pretty challenging, so I went and checked her out on youtube.

I was really blown away. She is a 24 year old Australian girl named Orianthi. She is kind of hot to boot. She is an awesome player, and I guess she has been playing with Steve Vai since she was 15 and has taken a tour with Santana as well. He was bowled over by her talent and said if there were one guitarist in the world he could pass the baton to now it would be her.

There are plenty of guys on the planet I am sure that play better guitar, but there is something awesome about seeing a good looking girl be able to play at least in the ballpark of the Vai, Satriani, and Santanas of this world. The Michael Jackson tour was going to be her big break, but I suspect we will see something of her at some point because with that type of talent on guitar and an ability to sing as well there is a place for that in music somewhere. Here are a few different youtube links as well as some pictures.



(playing at Eric Clapton's Crossroads festival)

(Santana talking about her)

(opening for steve vai)
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