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VMA Nominees Announced

Jumpin' Jack Flash

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Many of the nominees are better than people let on. People hate them, simply because they're mainstream and happen to earn a lot of music from writing good tunes, imagine that?!

And I'd rather Lady Gaga or Katy Perry win, than some shithead like Britney. At least they can play instruments, have decent idols to look up to, and have a great persona about them.

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looking at those nominations just reminds you what a shit state music is in today. record deals are handed out too easily to artists of little or no talent with the charisma to match. while you may say that i'm under the delusion of the sun shining brighter in the past, when you compare these artists to the genius of artists like michael jackson, madonna etc you realise how little talent they have. take for example the video of the year nominations. all those videos have no point, no storyline to bring the song to life. it's no wonder hardly any artist succeeds past one album. and even then it's made to easy for them. mediocre artists thinking they're class.

eugh it makes me sick

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Russell Brand was annoying. You don't have to yell into a mic the whole night. Jokes and funny observations can be done well when not shouted, too, Russell.

Kanye's a jackass, and that comes from someone who likes him. They should've played Hate right after, and showed how much of an abortion it is to all the celebrities sitting there. Even Taylor Swift would facepalm at that atrocious "song."

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