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I never really got into any other Pearl Jam besides their first debut, but I'm liking everything I'm hearing from Backspacer. They've been playing some of the album's music on Sportscenter for promotion and I'm really excited.

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I've only heard "The Fixer" and "Supersonic", but they're pretty underwhelming tracks for being the singles, and I tend to prefer Pearl Jam's singles over their other stuff. And the cover art is just straight up horrible. I'm pretty underwhelmed by the album in general at this point, but when it drops I'll listen to some of the other songs.

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I've heard "The Fixer" and "Got some" so far, and I think these tunes are really cool. "Got some" kicks ass and as much time as it took me to get into "The Fixer", it really kicks my ass now.

I can't wait for the album to be released, 'cause everything I've read so far really seems to be exactly my cup of tea!

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I've heard The Fixer and Got Some and got to hear Supersonic as well, when they played it in London. I love them all, and they were sublime live!

I've pre-ordered the album on their own website, which means, since I don't live in the US, I'll get it a little late, but that's fair when I'm getting special packaging. And, the first time I'll listen to the rest of the album will be when I get the abum, on my speakers. No leak for me. Can't wait! :thumbsup:

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