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Forum upgrade to 3.0.X - Fall 2009


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A new version of the Forum software (3.0.X) was released late this summer. I've been working for some time on a "test Forum" to learn the new features, configure, and make the Skin.

As of today, the new 3.0.X software still have some minor, so I'm naturally waiting for some of those to be resolved before going live with 3.0.X. The moderating team is also currently testing out it's new features and making sure they will be able to answer questions Forum members might have with the new functionalities. There are some slight differences in using 3.0.X, but it's nothing major. I've put lots of efforts in order to ensure a smooth transition for Forum members.

For those that are interested, here's a preview of what the 3.0.X Forum will look like:


Question: When will the upgrade 3.0.X take place ?

Answer: Fall 2009 (between September 21st and December 21st).

Question: What's new in 3.0.X?


-fresh new look

-recently added topics (on the right)

-watched content (on the right)

-member status updates (on the right)

-FaceBook connnect (uppon registration possibility of using FaceBook account to register an account. Existing members will have the option to associate their FaceBook accounts to their Forum accouns should they wish)

-share content on FaceBook

-advanced moderation and reporting features

-friendly URL's

-easier search

-and much more

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I am assuming that when the forum is upgraded, my rating will also be upgraded to 5 stars, yes?


Could we maybe have a banner competition? Maybe a few designs could win and get rotated every few months, just have a few rules like 'Yellow Font has to be used with a dark background' but anything else could be to individual interpretation. Just an idea :)

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

Wow, the colours are edited.

On the downside so far: It doesn't work when I try to vote posts up or down. I get this message: Action failed: You reached your quota of positive/negative votes for the day.

Edited by Satanisk_Slakt
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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

I also like that the "Most Active In" is back on the profile.

Like on me, "Most Active In: ANYTHING GOES (3835 posts) 36% of this members posts"

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Although I've stated this elsewhere: Do we really need to have the option of voting someone's posts? How ridiculous is that? Also, please make the PMs how they were before. That little tiny box is annoying. And are we going to be allowed to quote in PMs again or is that a thing of the past.

Also, what's the point of being on anonymous if people can see that you've visited the board. That definitely should go. :no:

Edited by Dariablue
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