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Jethro Tull


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i saw them on Savannah , GA , 2002 ... it was cool . i drank a bottle of Jack and i was really wasted ( i heard them playing Aqualung like 3 times ... but they just did 1 at the end :P ) it was my first concert here on U.S. , the first on a closed arena , first w/ " marked" seats ... just weird :drevil:

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I love Tull. Aqualung and Minstrel in the Gallery are my favs. Ian Andersons solo album the Secret Language of birds in amazing as well------


Oh that's great you tell me, never actually heard any of his solostuff you see..

And I've always wondered about how it was

So is that album his best soloalbum then?

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Thick as a Brick is my absolute favorite. So long but so gooood!

They definitely were making music from somewhere else than the other bands at the time.

I can't believe they had Zeppelin opening for them in 68! that would've been a wicked show to catch.

You're right, I love Thick as a Brick!!

Especially part two of it, but it's all so great.

That one and Aqualung are my favourites I think!

dont listen to them, have wanted to tho can u give me a list of good songs? or at least an album or sumthin

Minstrel in the Gallery

Aqualung (song and album)

Lick your fingers clean

Mother Goose

My God

Hymn 43

Song for Jeffrey

Fat Man

Benefit (album)

With you there to help me

For Michael Collins Jeffrey and Me

A time for everything

Witch's promise

Another Harry's bar

Roots to branches

Ah well you can't really go wrong, just choose something, make sure it's old though that's the best.

Another Harry's Bar and Roots to Branches are new though

...anyone who knows who Jeffrey is?

Man...go listen to Gong you Pothead Pixies

Have a cup of tea, have another one, have a cup of tea, have another one.. . :P

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