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How to create a custom bass?

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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew how to find a place that designs custom basses with you. I'd really like to create one.

For example, I'd use a larger hofner violin style body, about 1.5 larger, carve in an F hole, switch the bridge pickup with a stingray pickup, paint it black, throw a fatbody on the headstock, give it some locking tuners, a shortscale jazz base style neck for speed and my minature fingers, and top it off with my signature carved in ebony on the 12th fret, and i'd move the jack to the strap button. I'd also include a planet waves locking strap

If you play bass, then you know I'm not a slap bassist at all by this set up. Fortunately, this bass plays to my strengths. It's shortscale lets me play my walking lines faster, plus riffs for rock, the stingray pickup gives me the fat bottom and the hofner gives my bass great clarity for chords(which i ocasionally play as well as harmonized 3rds) and riffs. the jazz and the fatbody add sustain, as the natural decay of hofners don't match a double bass at all, and the locking strap helps because the light weight of a hofner body won't break the plastic bindings.

Nope, don't think about this obsessively....

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