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ROBERT TRUJILLO Confirms METALLICA Is 'Working On' 'Big Four' Tour

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ROBERT TRUJILLO Confirms METALLICA Is 'Working On' 'Big Four' Tour - Sep. 15, 2009

Chris Varias of Metromix conducted an interview earlier this week with METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo. The question-and-answer session follows below.

Metromix: There's a rumor going around now about the four classic thrash bands (METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX) touring together. How would you feel about being part of that?

Trujillo: I think it's great. We've had a few different conversations on the subject. I'm friends with (SLAYER's) Kerry King and had dinner with him a few months back, and it came up there. I think (MEGADETH's) Dave Mustaine is amazing. I've never had a problem with him personally. I think it'd be great if METALLICA shared the stage with his band. METALLICA's still great friends with (ANTHRAX's) Scott Ian. There's a lot of history there. I think it'd be great for metal. I don't think all four bands have played together at the same time.

Metromix: So there's truth to the rumor?

Trujillo: There is, but nothing's concrete. It's not a sealed deal. We're working on it.

Metromix: How would egos come into play in terms of the order of bands on the bill?

Trujillo: Oh, there'd be a lot of egos. I think we'd be OK. It'd be an issue with the other three bands.

Metromix: How so? Would Dave Mustaine have an issue opening for METALLICA?

Trujillo: I don't think that would be an issue. I think it would be more an issue between MEGADETH and SLAYER.

Metromix: What's the story there?

Trujillo: I don't know if it would depend on the city, but I'm sure between those two bands, they would want to be up on the bill. I don't know. Who knows? My prediction is that maybe there would be something there. The only way we would do it is if we're headlining, and we would probably be the ones to put it together. I'm not saying that in a disrespectful way. All of these bands are amazing and super-cool.

Metromix: You played with Ozzy. Maybe you could get Sharon Osbourne to put the tour together.

Trujillo: Oh man, yeah. Let's see. She's a phone call away. Maybe I can get Ozzy to manage the situation. He'd sort them all out.

Metromix: When is METALLICA recording its next album?

Trujillo: I don't know — maybe next week, maybe tomorrow. Who knows? I'll talk to the guys today and see if they're up for it. Actually there's gonna be about another year of touring, so that's a hard one to say. There are a lot of ideas floating around. We always have recording gear on tour with us so we're always recording our ideas, but obviously the songs have not been written.

Metromix: Do you expect the new record to be a continuation of the "Death Magnetic" sound?

Trujillo: Going back to "Death Magnetic", it was great because (producer) Rick Rubin helped kind of bring Lars and (singer-guitarist) James (Hetfield) back into that sort of thrashy element. I think it will have a thrash factor. Keep it heavy. Keep it grooving. Keep it

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Anthrax without Joey = Lame.

I would say that less than 5% of people going to this tour (if it happens) give a shit about Anthrax. Bush destroys Joey vocally though,for what it's worth.

I prefer Anthrax of all these bands.

I would only go for Slayer. I don't give a shit about Metallica, I respect Megadeth but don't particularly like the music, and Anthrax just plain sucks without Joey Belladonna. I'll take a Joey Belladonna club show over modern Anthrax any day, especially if it's like the last time I saw him when not even 50 people showed up.

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