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One account per member


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One account per member

Forum rule #9 change

In the past, we have allowed forum members to register two accounts on the forum. We did this to accomodate people who shared a computer with another family member so that both could post on the forum.

However, we've found that members have been abusing this rule and constantly opening new accounts to post under multiple names at the same time - and sometimes multiple "personalities" and even different sexes to mislead other members.

As a result, we are no longer allowing members to register more than one account.

For those who currently have more than one account, please notify an admin within the next month (untill october 26th) to let us know which name you'd like to keep. The other account will be closed.

1) If we don't hear from a member, additional accounts will be banned.

2) If we find a new member attempting to register an additional account, additional accounts will be rejected, and main account could be banned.

We've also noticed that some Forum members tried to register new accounts because they forgot their password. If you've forgotten your password, you should use the Password recovery feature instead of creating a new account.

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