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Motley Crue


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I really like everything the Crue did up until Girls, Girls, Girls. Shout At The Devil is one of my favorite albums and all the others are good until Dr. Feelgood as well. Dr. Feelgood has a bit too much filler for me, whereas in the first four there are usually great songs throughout, but it seems like the hits were the only ones they really bothered with on DF. My favorite songs from them have to be their cover of "Helter Skelter", "Red Hot", "Live Wire", "Home Sweet Home", and "Wild Side".

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Girls Girls girls, while good, was a little too polished and glammy

Shout at the devil was good but it couldn't match the frantic energy of too fast

dr. feelgood was a return to metal. This time ballsy deep metal the bass had never sounded so booming

saints is in there because it's the only album after feelgood a person should own

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I love all albums up to Dr. Feelgood - good stuff, Dr. Feelgood has some killer songs ( Dr. Feelgood, Don't Go Away Mad, Kickstart My Heart) but many too many fillers, other album post Feelgood has two good tunes here or there, pretty bad albums.

I love Saints of Los Angeles, it's like concept album and soundtrack to "Dirt" somehow and tunes are really strong I love a lot of songs ( title track, Animal in Me, White Trash Circus, Motherfucker of the Year and my favourite Dawn at the Whisky)

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Love Motley, seen them live more than any other band (7 times, tied with Alice Cooper). I don't give a fuck what people say about Vince's voice, he can still sing great most of the time, and I've yet to see a show where he's really out of shape vocally (The worst I've seen was the Route Of All Evil tour, and he still sounded better than on most bootlegs I've heard from other shows that tour). Too Fast For Love is hands down my favorite Crue album, and one of my all time favorites. It's among the very few albums I consider perfect.

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Crue are always in my top 5 favorite bands. I've also seen them more than any other band (three times).

Too Fast, Shout, Feelgood, SOLA are all awesome albums. i even love the Motley Crue '94 album (with john corabi on vocals.... real grunge-y album, its fuckin awesome!).

all three times ive seen them (2006, 2008 and 2009) Vince has sounded superb! i know he gets a lot of shit becuase he skips words and isnt the best singer out there, but unless your at the show, shut the fuck up! haha... he is an awesome front man.

Really, when you throw one of the best guitar players, one of the best drummers, and one of the best songwriters together.... you get motley crue. haha.

on a similar note, anybody seen Crue Fest 1 or 2? i saw both, and was kinda disapointed when this years lineup was announced, but i travelled to Seattle (i dont really live anywhere close to seattle, it was about 5-6 hours drive) to see them. HOLY FUCK. this years lineup blew last years out of the water, purely because of Godsmack. Godsmack are, hands down, one of, if not THE, best live bands i have seen. they are fucking amazing! if anyone decided to skip this years fest, you REALLY missed out. plus motley did the whole feelgood album, which was amazing, coz they hardly ever (or never) played some of the songs from that album. plus the stage setup was SIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!!!!

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How can people say that Feelgood was mostley filler? Theatre and Girls had maybe 2 good songs on them each.

Feelgood had some filler but yeah, not much. definately a stronger album than Theatre/GGG. Non-filler on those albums [imo]:


Smokin in the boys room

Home Sweet Home

Louder Than Hell


Girls! Girls! Girls!

Wild Side


You're All I Need

the rest was pretty much just filler...... whereas Shout, TFFL, Feelgood.... not much if any filler....

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

I like them. If I'd rank their albums it would be like this:

1. Too Fast For Love

2. Shout At The Devil

3. Dr. Feelgood

4. Girls, Girls, Girls

Don't really care for any of the others.

Oh well, maybe there was one song or something that was good on Theater of Pain. And it isn't more than 2-4 songs that are good on Dr. Feelgood or Girls, Girls, Girls either.

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Used to be a big fan, don't really listen to them much now but I'd catch them on tour after seeing Carnival Of Sins, despite how much I hate Vince Neil the rest of the band are great.

Few of my favourites are On With The Show, Knock 'em Dead Kid, Down At The Whisky, Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away), Wild Side.

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i'm a Crue fan from way back, man. the first two albums are their absolute best, no doubt. after Vince's wreck the chemistry changed and the drugs got bad.

they still managed some good stuff though. enough to stay on top of the hard rock heap until GNR came around.

they responded to that by sobering up (albeit temporarily) to record Dr. Feelgood, their first #1 album and their

first time to break the 4 million sales barrier (7 million have sold to date).

in regards to Feelgood, although it produced a large number of hits and 4 songs that are live Motley staples to this day (Dr. F, Kickstart, S.O.S., Don't Go Away Mad) the album tracks didn't age too well. Girls, Girls, Girls suffers the same fate. you've got "Wild Side", "GGG", "All In The Name Of", and "You're All I Need" and the rest are not very good (although sometimes "Bad Boy Boogie" sounds good to me).

Theatre Of Pain, however, is a really good album to me. it gets bashed alot, even by the band, but i think it's a really good album. you can still kinda hear the early Motley sound in this one still. they hadn't gotten too slick just yet. "City Boy Blues", "Keep Your Eye On The Money", "Save Our Souls", "Use It Or Lose It"; those are all greats to me. along with, of course, "Smokin", "Home Sweet Home", and "Louder Than Hell".

love that good early Crue. they were my favorite band from '83 on. i grew up on them. all four walls were covered in posters from the flea market, or Hit Parader, Circus, or Metal Edge!

here's a cool clip of an underrated Crue song from Theatre Of Pain:

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i like Saints, they showed individually that they could write modern rock using various influences and directions but in the end when they got back together they wrote a new Motley Album.

New Tattoo totally sucked major ass though, terrible album, though the opening of 'First Band on the Moon' sounds mighty familiar, sounds like scott, slash, duff, dave and matt liked it.

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