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ATTENTION: Serious GNR items for sale - mods please read b4 moving


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Hello there. By now many of you should know that I am a serious collector of GNR items and I have decided that it's time to get rid of duplicates. The normal kind of stuff I'll put on eBay at a later date, but I want to give the real fans first crack at the serious stuff. Mods, this is why I listed it in this section - so everyone can see it. Not everyone checks the collection section. However I am at your mercy of course so if you want to move then you do what you gotta do. How this will work: I will list items and their condition. Offers will come in via PM or via email. My email address is ttroccoli@hotmail.com. I will wait until Wednesday evening to decide. I reserve the right to refuse. Please don't make offers unless you can pay via paypal, money order, or cash. No personal checks. You can pay with a credit card through paypal. Shipping is extra. For those that live locally I am willing to meet you in person. Please make serious offers only. The more rare the item, the more serious the offer. Again, I can decide to not take any offers and list on eBay at a later date. Maybe it will go cheap, maybe not. I am trying to raise money to fund other GNR purchases. For pics of items please see my website (the pics on my website are not the items for sale - I have listed the condition of items below). Here we go:

Welcome to the Jungle welcome mat; great condition

Live Era Dickies Jacket; great condition

UYI Bible Promo Pack; mint condition

Use Your Illusion 2 US 2LP Promo 12”; excellent condition

Destruction, Lies, The Road to Illusion alternate boxset; box good condition; cds excellent condition; poster good condition (some tape on it)

Top Hat Volume 1; fantastic condition; everything seen on my site except Ain’t It Fun cd single

Welcome to the Jungle 3” cd Japan unsnapped; excellent condition

Live Like A Suicide cassette; great condition

Nov Rain Hitmakers CD; case good; insert mint-; cd mint-

Appetite Aussie gold signature cd; case ex+ - has sticker on front; insert and cd mint-

TSI Aussie gold sig cd; case VG; no sticker on front; insert and cd ex

UYI 1 Aussie gold sig cd; case VG+; no sticker on front; insert and cd EX+

Live Like A Suicide 3” cd; case, insert and cd mint-

Street of Dreams promo cd single; case EX+; insert and cd mint-

Sympathy For The Devil France Promo cd; still shrinkwrapped

Better UK acetate promo cd; insert ex; cd VG+

Since I Don’t Have You Germany promo cd; case VG; insert mint-; cd ex

Live Era Motor Music double promo cd; case VG+; cds and back insert EX+ to mint-

Better Australia Promo CD w/ info sticker; sticker EX; cd mint-

Chinese Democracy UK acetate promo single cd; insert mint-; cd EX+

Live Era 2cd UK promo acetate cd with promo slide; insert EX; cds and slide mint-

Welcome to the Jungle US promo digipack cd; case ex-; cd min-

Sweet Child France promo cd; sealed

Civil War Japan promo cd; insert and cd mint-; case and obi strip ex+

Estranged Aussie cassette single; item has been perforated (as is customary in Australia see pics); sleeve and cassette ex+ to mint-

Civil War Aussie cassette single; item has been torn to fit cassette case; sleeve and case EX- to ex

Days Thunder promo sampler cd; sleeve ex-; cd VG

Pretty Tied Up promo cd; sealed with twine

Nightrain US cassette single; sealed

Sweet Child US cassette single; sealed

Paradise City US cassette single; sealed

Welcome to the Jungle US cassette single; sealed

Paradise City UK 7” misprint – Used to Love Her on both sides!; plain white sleeve; record EX

Ain’t It Fun Holland 7”; sleeve VG+; record EX

Appetite promo japan boxset; obi sticker on front; none on back; item still mostly in shrink; open enough for me to tell you cd is still sealed has promo sample sticker and matching catalogue #

Since I Don’t Have You France Promo 12”; sleeves and record are all EX to EX+

Lies Japan boxset; great condition

UYI Brazil compilation 12”; sleeve EX; record mint-

Ain’t It Fun Spain 12”; sleeve EX and record mint-

Civil War Spain 12”; sleeve EX+ and record EX+ to mint-

It’s So Easy 12” picture disc with stickered PVC sleeve; great condition

GN’R Japan EP – I will sell 1 real and 1 bootleg; both in great condition

Feel free to email questions/comments/concerns. I will try to reply ASAP. Thanks!

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Dude I love the shit you own and sell but why must you always put it here? I mean if I were serious enough to want to buy something I would simply check the other section, no?


Good question, think I addressed it in the original post. But I will clarify. Most people who come ot his site just check the main news section. They could give a fuck about the France or Spain release of Live And Let Die as opposed to the UK release. But they might be interested in really rare items - just to see, or in this case buy. However I agree and I think from now on I am just gonna go straight to the collection section. On HTGTH I do it because the collection section lately is bogged down with bootleg/live show shit.

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