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Jay-Z debuts "Empire State of Mind" music video

Estranged Reality

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Dude, I don't like Jay Z, so I'm bitter?

No, you're bitter because instead of saying that you merely dislike him, you claim he's a "moronic racist from a shitty genre" in between using homophobic attacks against Scott Weiland and Josh Homme and basically complaining about everything. You're never happy. You're the guy who created a million threads about how everything in the '80s was superior to modern counterparts.

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Jay Z is a racist moron in a shitty genre.

:unsure: How the fuck is Jay Z racist??

''I'm tired of white lies, my president is black"

Imagine what a white artist would be called if they said the reverse.

And yes, GNRIzzy, rap is a shitty genre.

Oh really let's see you try to come up with multis, punchlines, delivery, wordplay, personals, delivery and flow.

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Guest deleted_19765

The Yanks winning the World Series was the best thing that ever could have happened for this song, as its become an anthem of sorts. I hear it everywhere now. Well played by Hov.

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