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PJ Harvey


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So I have the album "White Chalk" and I like it a lot which is weird because Im primarily a metal guy. I know there are some fans here (at least Sunny anyways) so I need reccomendations as to where to go next. I read that White Chalk is different from her other work, so which album is the most "rock" and which one is usually considered her best? Thanks.

PS her voice on this album really sticks with me. Haunting stuff.

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It's very simple. You go straight to Rid of Me. Sunny might say go to Wet, but rid of me is something that keeps me hooked. The sound is instantly addicting and the dynamics are a smack in the face. GO THERE! NOW!


I would say go to Stories...: That album is "all killer, no filler" and quite possibly one the greatest albums of alltime.

Rid of Me of me is good and I love it, but its PJ when she is on her period and not "down for the fellas'......

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Actually, it's pj harvey when she's all down for the fellas, incase you missed the all important title track telling the story of how she wants to get laid until you say don't you wish you never met her?

It's actually more fun to sing than get down make love.

I disagree with that assessment of the album.

@OP, All of her albums are great, but "stories...." is easily the most accessible.

This Is Love > This I Love


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Saw it mentioned above. I think This Is Love is such a good song. Manages to be this simple sex song and this kind of existential quandry at the same time.

I can't believe that life's so complex. When I just want to sit here and watch you undress.

Agree with Sunny about Stories... being the most accessible. Usually I would use that as a slight against a record but not with that one. It's fantastic. It might not have the sort of lofty cultural themes of Let England Shake for example but that makes it easier to connect to.

I only recently found out Nick Cave's Into My Arms was about him breaking up with PJ Harvey. That's a hell of a song.

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I only have Let England Shake. How does that compare to the rest of her stuff? Can't say I was a huge fan of it.

I would say it is quite a bit different, she does a higher pitched kind of singing that isn't something she really does all the time. Plus the material is a little more indie/folk type of stuff than her more harder edged material - although I dig that album too

Stories From The City, Stories From the Sea is what I would consider to be vintage PJ that is a good overall representation of what she does

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Pretty sure the boatmans call was nick caves album about their relationship. Think I read that sumwhere.

A few songs from that album were apparently written about her, including Into My Arms. There aren't too many love songs written in this world that I would love to have written for me, other than that song. *sigh*

I think Stories is an amazing album. This Mess We're In really knocks me sideways every time I hear it.

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