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University of St Andrews Saxophone Ensemble - Sweet Child o' Mine

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I was so caught up in following what was going on in Taipei, and there was a performance of SCOM in my tiny town! Just found this while I was searching for Taipei vids :P

To be honest, it sounds more Moog than saxphone. Probably being played cuz of that Taken By Trees cover that's so popular here in the UK. I'd be happy to do vocals for them, except that I can't sing for shit (though I do pretty good Axl-snake-dance :rofl-lol: )

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Sorry, I wasn't really digging it. I've heard orchestral versions, and I loved them, but to be this just seems too brassy. Then again, that's expected with this many saxs :P Still, good to see they're playing it, just not for me :)

Thanks anyway.

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