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Official GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

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14 hours ago, 42è BCP said:

This was posted on Gnr YouTube channel few minutes ago. And... I don't understand the goal? This is just a playlist/Setlist with audios from the album. What's the interest seriously! 


Mabye just placeholders to test something? I'd take any show from 2006 over NITL to be honest. They sounded fantastic on that tour. Don't see the logic though in posting that now that the band has a totally different lineup, but then again GNR and logic should never be mentioned in the same breath. The one show I'm still looking for in good quality is House of Blues 2001, that was a great and somewhat very emotional performance but all I ever saw of it was a VHS quality copy before they took it down. Houston 2016 would be great too, from what I've seen on YT they were pretty good that night.

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Just a friendly reminder:  

With any other band, it might mean "Hey we know the fans are talking about new music. And where's there's smoke, there's fire" meaning that new music is on the way.  With GNR, it probably just me

Well, well, well...   

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23 hours ago, Tom2112 said:

That was Sebastian, Axl and Jon... think they met in a restaurant. Think Sebastian and Jon spoke. I haven't heard the Duff story.

It was Sebastian.... and he Axl and Jon has dinner and went through an obscene amount of wine lolol

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58 minutes ago, James Bond said:

I mean, black and white is occasionally, but it's all she uses. I guess it must make Axl's jawline easier to photoshop.

(To be clear - I think Axl looks fine for his age and the constant photoshopping of his chin is laughably obvious and unnecessary).

Monochrome is easier to tinker with, yeah.

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