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Official GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

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Just a friendly reminder:  

With any other band, it might mean "Hey we know the fans are talking about new music. And where's there's smoke, there's fire" meaning that new music is on the way.  With GNR, it probably just me

Well, well, well...   

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24 minutes ago, sofine11 said:

Any other band this means something new is imminent. For GNR it’s likely just a confirmation that, yes, they hate their fans.

So true :D If any other band, media would make headlines like "Band X hints on something new?". With GNR they don't even bother

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This is most likely referring to the NITL blu-ray that will finally be coming. Remember, Fernando mentioned on reddit a few months ago that one of the pro-shots from the tour will be released this year. With the holidays around the corner, this is probably what we have to “stay ready” for. 

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Stay ready 🌕 (for some GNR pinball merchandise!)



Guns N' Roses 'Not In This Lifetime' pinball merchandise will be coming to the Jersey Jack Pinball store this month! T-shirts, hats, posters, patches, translites, hoodies, and more just in time for the cold November rain.



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2 minutes ago, Sweersa said:

Merch inspired by a new pinball machine?

Only in the land of GN'R is this not surprising. 

Only in GNR land can them saying 'stsy ready' provoke nothing but a shrug of the shoulders from the fanbase! 

It'll be a tease that leads to nothing. If it isn't, I'll gladly admit I was totally wrong. 

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2 minutes ago, Gunner55 said:

GnR updates it's fans once in a blue moon? Wasn't that yesterday? 

😂 - true....certainly it was supposed to be on Halloween too.

The optimist in me says something will get announced at midnight......the realist in me however......even the NITL release Fernando confirmed would be great if it’s not new music!

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What that tweet probably means (in order of most likely to least likely):


2.New merch (again)

3.Another brief NITL Clip that doesn’t even show a full song

4.Another NITL Select that’s just one song (but a full one, at least)

5.Another proper NITL Select (as in several songs, not just one)

6.That SCOM book (is that even out yet?)

7.That NITL Litho coffee table book that Fern talked about

8.That NITL Blu-ray that Fern talked about (hopefully with an audio-only version too but we’ll see)

9.Literally anything else

10.New music

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