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Official GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

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Just a friendly reminder:  

With any other band, it might mean "Hey we know the fans are talking about new music. And where's there's smoke, there's fire" meaning that new music is on the way.  With GNR, it probably just me

Well, well, well...   

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On Monday 14th December 2009, @axlrose said:


Seoul, S. Korea!! Fantastic energy w/the fans! They really took over KOHD. Hearing'em singing along w/Better was a surprise! It was fun playin' Sorry live n' my bad not goin' longer. A few mixups n' gear needed 2 ship but it feels good sortin' out the sheeot. It's such a different animal in the heat of the moment n' gettin' into our reformulated chemistry! 1st indoor gig w/new staging! R in-ear mix was like listenin' to an old AM transistor radio somewhere between bein' in a barrel of toxic waste at the bottom of the ocean or while takin' a "dump" in a tin shitter while a pack of Zombies r beatin' on it with iron pipes! Ha!! Soon as we can stop ingesting this Korean BBQ (Shoutout 2 the 2Jens!!) it's on to Osaka, JP where we got r own brand of KamiKaze 2 unleash!!

Totally Axl :rofl-lol:

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to everyone that has followed the "Dexter incident" and saw Axl's inteligent writing style: Do you believe this Twitter to be authentic?

I DO NOT. These tweets are completely uninspired...

Of course it's him, and even if it wasn't - so what? We're still getting updates, and that's what most of us were complainng about a few months back.

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Is Axl drunk when he twitters?

Dexter was not writing a song when he answered our questions

I don't think this is Axl

What do you want? A DNA test?

How do we even know Dexter was Axl? It was confirmed on the sites the same way this way.

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Who gives a shit about the grammar and stuff, the twitter communication is fantastic. Its something that everyone has been moaning about for years - "Why can't Axl just update us every so often". Well now he is! And he can post a short paragraph just updating us on what is going on.

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Of course it's Axl. Why the hell would HTGTH confirmit otherwise??? Jarmo makes it his number 1 priority to take down any rumor or false fact about NewGNR a.s.a.p., and never allows any unconfirmed shit on his website. So why would he then confirm and promote a false twitter account???

I for one think it's ultimately cool of Axl to stay on touch with the fanbase this way. It's what we've been asking for since the beginning of Internet!!!!! You go Axl! Nothings gonna stop us now!!!!! Next stop: Japan. Sushi won't be raw anymore, it will be baked in the land of the rising sun as of mid this week on!!!!! YIHAAAAAAA!!!!

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I guess we're going to need an exclusive picture on the Twitter of Axl, then a confirmed report that it is in fact Axl in the picture, and then a DNA test proving it's not a fake Axl in order to prove it's actually him.

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