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Just a friendly reminder:  

With any other band, it might mean "Hey we know the fans are talking about new music. And where's there's smoke, there's fire" meaning that new music is on the way.  With GNR, it probably just me

Well, well, well...   

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1 hour ago, TakeMeHome said:

"She's pretty tied up, hangin' upside down..."
Yeah I know, I'm reading too much into this, haha

You are fucking a genius I hope they play it. Can you solve the other riddles aswell? :)

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19 minutes ago, James Bond said:

I completely understand the desire of many for Izzy to be there, but holy shit is it cool to see Slash, Duff, and Richard together. That's a dream combo for any band.

How much you wanna bet after axl and slash settled things that they each were like "wow we fought over Paul so badly when Fortus was the Izzy replacement we were looking for the whole time" :lol:

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1 minute ago, Billsfan said:

Fine you're one of like 5 people that like female pitman. Congrats :lol:

Only five people like Melissa? Who are they?

1. Maynard


1 minute ago, Wagszilla said:

she's a fuckable looking woman. 

That's a great reason to like her IMO.

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