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Fuse tour news


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I was watchingFuse and they broke for news and the vj was talking about upcoming 2010 world tours.

They showed Axl, with braids, singing and she said how GNR were beginning their world tour in early 2010 in Canada and she also mentioned that it was possible that the tour would go on to different countries and hopefully the US too.

I found it funny that she didn't mention how GNR are currently in Asia touring, but hey, I am so hoping this news if correct and since the Asian tour is going so well for Axl and GNR, they might actually continue touring for awhile.

If GNR do tour the US, I really hope Dallas is one of the earlier cities. lol The last time, we were near the end and after the NYC show, Axl called it quits. I hope this time, GNR actually get to come to Dallas. After seeing and hearing videos of this new tour I really want and need to see GNR live. Axl sounds great and the new band rocks! I'm so keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. :)

Axl are you reading this.

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Ze hebben ons nog iets te goed van de vorige keer geloof ik!


We would appreciate it if they came bye and put the osake set on @ holland.

we loved the show... but come on... 2 new songs... every europian UK, US, Aus show got at least 4-5 new songs.


I'm not saying but

We would love a show like osaka....

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