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Rio de Janeiro


São Paulo


:rofl-lol: :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol:

The brazilian Veneza

Manets, pelo amor de Deus, não assusta o Guns! :rofl-lol:

Guns, this is just a kidding of Manets ... it rains a lot here in Sao Paulo, it is true, theres no month without rain, but the place to have the show at the Morumbi stadium or at Credicard Hall are safe places, not filled with water. Well, at least I guarantee that this does not happen at Credicard Hall, the problem is the traffic, but the fans know that if it rains on the day, we have to leave home early, we are accustomed to all that water. And Guns comes Helicopter! :lol:

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Guest King Of Spades

I didn't mean you precisely just the concept basically.

but might as well here is mine for the tour, not good but it was fun to make.


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Coincidence is not, exactly at the time I posted it began to rain very hard with lightning and had to unplug the computer for a few moments and the whole city is on alert again. The situation is very sad to areas of flooding. People had to change these places, because they are areas close to rivers and hills.

In fact, the beginning of the year here has been very sad, in cities like Cunha, São Luis do Paraitinga - São Paulo, Angra dos Reis, Ilha Grande - Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte – MG and other cities still raining hard the situation is critical.

It is normal rains a lot here because it's tropical climate, but in recent times it rains a lot. It rains all week. This time it started to rain 01 days and so far it's raining and the forecast is more rain.

It seems that there is nowhere else in the world where people can live without worries.

We have to have constant attention everywhere and try to foresee the danger.

But until March 13, the floor will be dry for Guns

Let us pray. :rofl-lol:

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