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Paradise City Tokyo


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where would you rank this performance of PC compared to others by the Nu GNR.?

I think Axl sounds better here than the other times I have heard him sing this during this era.

This is from Osaka. Just watched it earlier. I think they are doing Paradise City much better this tour. I noticed how much better it was from the very first show. I never really liked it in 06/07. It didn't seem to have the power that Paradise City usually has. Much better now.. BTW-These Osaka videos this person has are the best videos of the whole tour.

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He sang the same verse two times in a row.....

and used the whistle at the wrong time too.. but I loved it, hah!

Isn't that some kind of tradition by now? :rofl-lol:

Edit: Dear God, Richard REALLY seems to like "Better" :thumbsup:

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