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The History of Guns N' Roses in Brazil


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Guns N' Roses in Brazil

Use Your Illusion Tour

01/20/1991, Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro - 140,000 people

01/23/1991, Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro - 140,000 people

11/10/1992, Anhembi Park, São Paulo - 120,000 people

11/11/1992, Anhembi Park, São Paulo - * Show canceled because of super heavy rain

11/12/1992, Anhembi Park, São Paulo - 120,000 people

11/13/1992, Jacarepaguá Speedway - 113,000 people

Chinese Democracy Tour

01/14/2001, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - 250/300,000 people

03/07/2010 - Nilson Nelson Gym, Brasília

03/10/2010 - Mineirinho Arena, Belo Horizonte

03/13/2010 - Morumbi Stadium or Interlagos Speedway, São Paulo

03/14/2010 - Rio de Janeiro

03/16/2010 - Porto Alegre



- The 01/20 concert was the first one with Matt Sorum

- It was the biggest crowd of the band so far, record that was only broked 10 years after, in the same city.


-In the hotel the fans kept asking Axl's phone, so he screamed FUCK YOU ALL! and threw the phone, and it exploded. Luckly, nobody got hurt.

- There are rumors that VJ Cuca, from MTV, had sex with Axl in that day, because in the interview she did with him, he was using only his mickey underwear.


- In São Paulo the protographers were asking for Axl in the hotel. The owners of the hotel, remebering what happend in Rio in the year before, screwed in the wall everything in the bedroom, but they forgot the chairs, so...


This picture was in every newspapers on the next day

- In the 1st concert in São Paulo Axl stopped the show during:

* Live And Let Die because of a fight in the crowd.

* Double Talkin' Jive to say that he would throw how many chairs it needed to, and he said to the protographers to don't mess up with him.

* You Could Be Mine when someone threw a stone in the stage.

* Paradise City when a stone hit Matt, he ended the song in the middle and said "Goodbye and Fuck You Assholes!

- Because of the super heavy rain, the second concert in Sao Paulo was postponed to the next day. The fans had no problems with it, and some of them prefered to play in the mud, and to camp in the park to get better places to next day concert.

- The concert in Rio was smaller, because the band was very tired, and they left just after Knocking On Heaven's Doors, with "Good Fuckin' Night!"


- First big concert with the new formation.

- The concert should have started at 22 PM of the 14th, but it started only at 02 AM of the 15th!!!!

- The biggest crowd of the band, 250/300,000


- Robin Finck played a brazilian song.

-Axl Rose presented to the general public his "mother", Beta Lebeis, that helped him with the translations in the concert.


- I'm going rock3

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LOL at Axl throwing the chair.


And LOL at a stone hitting Matt. I'd like to congratulate the fucker who threw it.

Of course that if anyone throws any shit at the concerts I'm going to, they will die by my hands. :rolleyes:

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In 1991, everyone loved GNR when they played in Brazil.

Girls thought Axl was the hottest thing on earth.

Guys thought the music was perfect.

Two days after the show, everyone was saying two things:

- Axl is fat.

- Axl can not sing like he does on the record.

Please make sure you listen to the second show (january 23 1991) because that is one of the best gnr shows ever, you will notice when you see how axl sings on it and how the band plays on it. Make sure you listen to "You Could Be Mine", "Nightrain" and "Double Talkin' Jive".

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