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Win GNR Halifax tickets, hotel, cash, and a 1-on-1 guitar lesson with Bumblefoot


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I'm posting this in the main GN'R section for now so everyone will see it and be able to participate.

I'll move it in the tour section after.

Good luck to everyone!




Guns N’ Roses – The OZFM All-Access Rock Trip of a Lifetime

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There’s only one way to experience a band as legendary as Guns N’ Roses…… from the inside.

Listen to OZFM for the official sounder & call to qualify! WIN your way into OZFM’s All-Access Rock Trip, to GUNS ‘N ROSES (with special guests Sebastian Bach and Danko Jones)! Rock out in style with 2 nights hotel accommodations, $1000 spending money, return airfare for 4 from St. John’s to Halifax, plus you’ll get 4 tickets to see Guns ‘N Roses rock the Halifax Metro Centre, February 4th. But that’s not all…

We’ll also give you 4 backstage passes to meet the band, and hang out at the aftershow. Plus, the winner will sit down for a 1-on-1 guitar lesson with Guns ‘N Roses guitarist BUMBLEFOOT!

OZFM’s Rock Trip to Guns ‘N Roses in Halifax, brought to you by Jungle Jim’s, Global Gym, and the Rock of the Rock, OZFM. (Listen to the Dawn Patrol, Wednesday morning, for the official on-air announcement! When you hear the sounder on OZFM, be caller 9, 4, or 7 to qualify. For rules and regulations, click here.)

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nice! i hope a forum member wins, they will get the jackie moon 5* treatment.

i just realized ive got a hockey game at 9am. im probably going to miss this.

god i hope dead flower wins. somebody enter him even if he wont.

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Niceee seems like Bumble has been given an elevated status in terms of promo and fan interaction which is awesome. A guitar lesson with him would be so awesome, even though i do like Bucket's material better(im not trolling), bumble certainly has his own style and his speed is blazing. He should put out his own instructional DVD, that would kick ass.

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