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The Calgary Setlist


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*** Thank You to everyone who provided updates tonight ***

Show Start - 10:12pm


01. Chinese Democracy

02. Welcome To The Jungle

03. It's So Easy

04. Mr Brownstone

05. Sorry

06. Richard Fortus solo

07. Live and Let Die

08. If The World

09. Rocket Queen

10. Dizzy Solo

11. Street of Dreams

12. You Could Be Mine

13. Knockin' On Heaven's Door

14. My Generation

15. I.R.S

16. Axl Piano Solo (Someone Save My Life Tonight)

17. November Rain

18. Bumblefoot Solo (Pink Panther)

19. Shackler's Revenge

20. Liquor & Whores (w/ Bubbles)

21. Out Ta Get Me

22. DJ Ashba solo

23. Sweet Child O' Mine

24. This I Love

25. Nightrain


26. Madagascar

27. Better

28. Fortus Solo

29. Patience

30. Paradise City

31. Bumblefoot Solo (Oh Canada!)

"Calgary, Thank You and good night!!!"

"Good night Calgary, amazing show again! Bubbles!"

Finale - 1:15am

*** Local Calgary Time ***

(3 Hrs and 3 Mins)


- The band sends 2 Yfrog pics via Twitter giving fans a "behind the stage" view

- Axl plays soccer on stage during Sorry

- Axl dedicated KOHD to everyone except Tiger Woods

- Axl plays piano with his foot following NR then starts playing guitar

- Liquor & Whores w/ Bubbles... Nuff said!

- Axl gets wrapped up in the cables during Better, then thanks the roadies once he is freed...

- Axl becomes a charging bull during Patience

- This great show is ended with Oh Canada! instead of PC!!!

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how many people attended the show??


1 % of Calgary population attended the show.

Not too bad.

definitively not bad ... but it seems that there was more people if you look the vids

Yeah, I thought it was alot more. On the floor, looking to my left and right, the stands looked full. I don't know about the other end of the bowl though.

Wicked show too.

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