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good night


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Well, I'm going to post here on the 1st page, too. That way I can edit in any videos, pics I find.

Regina, SK (The Brandt Centre) 1-20-10

START TIME: 10:15pm

1. Chinese Democracy

2. Welcome To The Jungle

3. It's So Easy

4. Mr. Brownstone

Axl says... "Good to be here with you tonight! I feel pretty good, considering how much tequila I did this morning"

5. Better

6. Sorry

Axl says.. "On the guitar from New York City, by way of St Louis.... Mr. Richard Fortus"

7. Fortus Solo

8. Live And Let Die

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I will be updating the posts as usual. Mods have requested that NOBODY else post setlist as it tends to confuse people. InThisRiver. Feel free to put my list, as it's updated.... on your 1st post. That way newcomers can see the list without scrolling through pages and pages.

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well by now, since there have been none, i'm guessing we won't have any "old" band songs not played by the new band until Montreal or Toronto. which is fine and i'm not complaining, these shows have been kicking ass. but thats just my guess so i dont expect any suprises at tonights show. i am looking foward to good vids/audio.

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