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Reselling photoshop


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Hey people, I am trying to sell some stuff I don't use as I am low on money. I've never really sold stuff before, so I was wondering if I can resell my Photoshop software if I've already installed it/registered the serial number, or would the buyer of it then be screwed? Thanks.

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>buying software

i torrent that shit

God dammit if you're going to steal my bit at least do it right.

DD I'm not 100% sure but I think you might be SOL on that. The end user licensing agreement probably states you can't do that, you'll have to check for sure though. Proprietary software is usually licensed, not sold. Although the courts have had differing opinions on this :unsure:

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it would be ok i guess if it was to someone you know, they wouldn't be able to register online or anything but the serial SHOULD work. i think the lisence you bought with the software forbids you from reselling

I don't think reselling is legal. But with photoshop you can install the software on two computers. Like if you have a laptop and a work computer, you only need one license. But that gives the buyer only one license. So you shouldn't charge to much for it.

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