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I was wondering if some of you knew about this great band. I don't know how to call their genre of music. Electro? Alternative rock? Whatever it is they're doing, I've been in love with their music for about 8 years (ever since they released "you all look the same to me" with the legendary 16 minutes hit "Again") and they've released a nice 4-parts album last year called "Controlling crowds".

If you don't know about them, you should really try those following songs but beware, it's all about the feeling and the vibe, it's not very technical (as a matter of facts, most of their songs rely on three or four chords repeated in loop but the vocals, performed by either a man or a woman, are ear-blowing) but it's beautiful, I can assure you it's worth the try as a complete GNR fan, even if what they do don't have much in common with GNR -maybe november rain and estranged in some songs, they're more "Pink floydish".

Anyway, I recommend you those songs:

-Fuck U

-You Make me Feel

-Again (full version)




-Come on Get High

-Nothing Else

On a personal note, I'm seeing them live on saturday night!!! Fucking awesome.

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