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Official Toronto Thread 1/28/10


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You sir are a PUSSY!

Agreed, ever since the start of the Canadian leg there has been nothing but whinging bitching little shits popping up everywhere.

Are you saying the author of the review is a Pussy? If so I totally agree. This guy is way of the mark. I went to the show and I loved it. My voice is still hoarse. But if you’re attacking me for posting the review I am confused. I thought this would be the appropriate forum to post reviews of the concert so other can see what the media is posting about GNR. I have seen others do the same for other reviews out there.

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GUNS N' ROSES 2010-01-28 - SOURCE#1: MP3 [Helix] Variable Bitrate (estimated 140 kbps) [dBpowerAmp]


GUNS N' ROSES 2010-01-28 - SOURCE#2: MP3 [Helix] Variable Bitrate (estimated 140 kbps) [dBpowerAmp]


SEBASTIAN BACH 2010-01-28: MP3 [Helix] Variable Bitrate (estimated 140 kbps) [dBpowerAmp]


Thanx a lot man ... the problem is there is a lot of traffic now...

How is the quality ??

I´m listening right now the whole show and it´s really the best i´ve heard from the illusions tour ... really good

The show in Montreal was way better. I was at both shows and you'll be blown away if somebody puts out a Montreal boot.

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