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Official Toronto Thread 1/28/10


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I found this on twitter:

TalkingColleen BF just asked me to wake him up when Axel shows up on stage. #GNR. #fail

7 minutes ago from Twitterrific

shayaanseraj At gnr in acc, mad guy next to me has had too much to drink, tries lighting cigarette #toronto #gnr #concert

11 minutes ago from UberTwitter

TalkingColleen Okay. Show starts at 8 pm. Now it is 10:42 and still no Guns n Roses. #GNR. #fail

12 minutes ago from Twitterrific

IfIWasRichGirl 5 minutes from an hour in & still no Axl! To the Life! #GnR

13 minutes ago from web

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They were having sound problems earlier.

Curfew is 1:30 I believe.

WTF is with all these places with curfews? Do you live behind the Iron Curtain?

Curfews are put in place worldwide. It's so the venue doesn't take shit for after-hours noise violations. Most venues have a 11PM curfew (Though I've been to a few which are 12AM). Axl pays steep late fees to thevenue by playing past curfew. Apparently, 1:30AM is the absolute latest he'll be allowed to play anywhere, that was the curfew in Hamilton also. A security guard told us if he goes past 1:30, they cut the power.

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