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Article in Belgrade, Serbia newspapers "Danas".


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At Guns N 'Roses concert in Canada, security was expelling from the hall those visitors who wore shirts with the portrait of the former guitarist of the band

Fans were victims of the conflict between Axl Rose and Slash.

The conflict between Axl Rose and Slash lasts for more than a decade, and fans of Guns N 'Roses are suffering as collateral damage. The ones who, while attending their concert in Canadian city of Regina, wore t-shirts with Slash's face, former guitarist of the band, were removed from Brandt Center.

Security initially asked the visitors with a contentious T-shirts to take them off, and proceeded to eject those who refused to do so. Some fans claim that they just wore the official tour T-shirts of the band from early '90s of the last century and that they shouldn't suffer consequences just because those t-shirts are dominated by Slash who was then leading guitarist in GN'R.

Personal Assistant of GN'R singer, Fernando Lebeis rejected the accusations made by some tabloids that someone from the band issued an order for the security to eject people only because of their clothing.

- "No one from the band's management or the band has given orders to the concert security not to allow entrance to someone just because of the clothes they're wearing. The only thing management asked for was standard procedures by which you can not enter the venue carrying weapons, cameras or dangerous items that could be thrown on the stage. Ones who tried to do so, did it on their own risk, and the band has nothing to do with it. GnR will certainly suffer great damage, as those fans will have to be compensated "- said Lebeis.

TMZ claims that the venue's head of security told their reporter that he personally received an order not to let anyone who wears a shirt with the face of Slash as the members of the band are reportedly "tired of constantly watching people in the first couple of rows who dress like that only to provoke." GnR fans have already started to create pressure groups on some Internet portals demanding that those who were expelled get free tickets for a concert in another city and for all their travel expenses to be covered. After the American tour, Guns N 'Roses plan concerts throughout Europe. Of the Balkan cities, only Zagreb is in the works, although the exact date is still not specified. It's expected to be during the autumn of this year.

Original article.

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In other news, Axl Rose has just cut off his right hand. The reason: Slash was part of this tattoo he's been carrying around for more than two decades, he just couldn't handle seeing Slash's smug skeleton face one more time.

Really, it's unreal that people buy into this shit. Axl understands that Slash is a part of the band history, granted he doesn't like the man but there is no way he would ban Slash gear at the venues.

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