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Lets Talk About... Radiohead


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Holy cow. Where to begin? This band is absolutely amazing. I can't believe back in the day I despised them. So haunting, so disturbing, so... brilliant!!! Every album I have of theres is gold! I cant believe they continue to reinvent themselves on every album. From the stadium rock of "The Bends" to the freaky music of "Kid A" it just gets better and better. Yorkes voice is in a sense welcoming, but so depraved. I just downloaded HTTT and while most fans rag on it "2+2=5" is an amazing tune.

Also, for those who think this website is dysfunctional, check out ateaseweb.com. There "Anything goes" section is just full of pyschos!


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I use to be one of those guys that just hates Radiohead and everything they stand for, basically I just thought they were a bunch of pretentious douchebags. I still kinda hate Thom Yorke... but Radiohead is a great band and if you actually allow yourself to like them you'll fall in love with them. I love all of their albums other than In Rainbows, which isn't bad, just horribly overrated imo

how can you deny the power behind that? You can't, unless you have the taste of a 12 year old just discovering big riff guitar music or something

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God help us all... :sleeper:

Why come in this thread if you don't like the band?

I understand making one post, saying you aren't into the band (which you already did), but why continue to post in this thread?

The thread is called "Let's talk about Radiohead"

I'm talking about Radiohead.

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Radiohead are really good, but I probably appreciate them more than actually like them. Both The Bends and OK Computer are great but I've always had trouble with Kid A. It's not bad or anything I just can't get into it, although I kinda like Amnesiac. I'll give it another chance in a year or so :P Pablo Honey kinda sucks outside of a few songs and both Hail To The Thief and In Rainbows are kinda "yeah this is pretty good", although I haven't heard In Rainbows since it was released and my music taste has changed a lot since then...

Also, for those who think this website is dysfunctional, check out ateaseweb.com. There "Anything goes" section is just full of pyschos!

I post in the music forum there, it's really good, but the rest of the site's far too freaky :lol:

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Definitely my favourite band since late 2007. Kid A is my favourite album by any artist, with In Rainbows a close second. Some of their songs are just brutal (Everything In Its Right Place, Reckoner, Idioteque, Karma Police).

I went to see them once, they played in Chile back in 2009 and I got the chance to travel and see them. It was the best experience of my life.

Check out the videos of their concerts at 'Le Reservoir' in 2003. Only Thom and Jonny Greenwood played, did an acoustic set that sounds great.

My favourite performance by them is Reckoner in Japan's Saitama Arena, back in 2008. The middle section is beautiful.

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