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Official Ottawa Thread 1/31/09


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We need a thread and some1 to update it... so i guess i will update


1 intro

2 Chinese democracy

3 Welcome to the jungle

4 It's so easy

5 Mr brownstone

6 Sorry

7 Better

8 Richard fortus guitar solo

9 Live and let die

10 If the world

11 Dizzy reed piano solo

12 Street of dreams

13 Jam(Dont call Me Whitey)

14 Rocket Queen

15 Scraped

16 Dj Ashba Solo

17 Sweet Child O Mine

18 You Could Be Mine

19 Jam(Another Brick In The Wall)

20 Axl Solo(Someone Saved My Life Tonight)

21 November Rain

22 Jam

23 Bumblefoot Solo

24 Out Ta Get Me

25 Knockin On Heavins Door

26 Nightrain


27 Jam(Dueling Banjos)

28 Liquor And Whores(With Bubbles)

29 Patience

30 This I Love

31 Shacklers Revenge

32 Madagascar

33 Paradise City


TOTAL TIME 2hr 51min

Axl Quotes:

Ottawa..... You know where you are? You're in the jungle baby! You're gonna die!

it's gonna bring you motherfuckers down!

Its Great To Be Here Again

What a peaceful and relaxing evening

The reason gn'r did live and let die was because the la times said it sucked so I thought they should hear it a few more times.....

Baseball, Hot Dogs, And Apple Pie Poutine

Thank You Good Night!


One more time for frank! - Tommy

Ferrer Plays the Rocket Queen Intro Again.

Dj jumps down from the stage and plays part of Nightrain in crowds

Bubbles Dressed In A Space Suit

Frank "We're Going Big!"

Shots Passed Out



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The Grammys are so predictable. I haven't been watching, but I'm sure Taylor Swift will win.

The only thing that remotely interests me tonight is the Michael Jackson tribute with his kids.

But I'll watch it on youtube later.

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