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February 6th is Axl Rose's birthday. To show the world how much we love him, and how he's important to our own lives, there's a buzz going on the forums about this idea of talking about it a lot on twitter (using the hash tag #HappyBirthdayAxl along with posts) until we make it to the "Trending Topics". Will you please join us?

I know most of you are familiar with twitter here but I made this guide with all the instructions:

Here's how it works: when people talk too much about a subject on twitter, it becomes a trending topic, like a huge conversation everyone's having. Then the link to all related posts will show at everyone's twitter home. A lot of people watch the twitter's trending topics. Basically, it's considered what's being talked about on the internet currently.

The whole idea of this is to make #HappyBirthdayAxl (we call it a hash tag, it's like a forum's thread title) become a Trending Topic (or TT) on twitter. By trying to make Axl's birthday become a trending topic, we're trying to make our love and admiration for him extremely public. IMO it's a great way to show love and support with such a simple tool, that has an enormous reach worldwide.

So here is a guide:

1 - Go to http://twitter.com/

2 - Register an account.

3 - No need to follow anyone for this but if you want follow the band go to:







Under the person's name there's a link to "follow", click that.

4 - Wait until it's close to midnight of the 5th in PST time (California time, UTC/GMT -8). We can start a few hours before midnight actually.

5 - On time to tweet, write down your message for Axl in the type box in the top and in the end of your message add: #HappyBirthdayAxl. There is no need to mention Axl (mention = when you type @nameoftheperson). A flood of tweets directed to Axl is unnecessary. We're trying to pay a public homage here, not private.

6 - Rules to make it work:

- Twitter has a system which detects spam and automatically ignores what it considers in this category, so don't spam.

- According to twitter's rules, messages that don't add value to the conversation are disconsidered. So try to "talk" to the people posting the same tag. It's like a forum, only with 140 character limit. When you click the tag (after you post the first one) you'll find all related posts to help you get into the conversation and know what to tweet. You can tweet more than once but each time you tweet type a different message, trying to follow the talk.

- Don't repeat too much and give a break in between tweets.

- Don't put the tag along with unrelated posts.

- Don't put it with no message along.

7 - Ask your friends to get into the conversation. Discuss Axl, GnR, the tour, as long as you put the #tag for Axl's birthday in the end of your posts.

8 - If you know a forum/community where this wasn't posted, please post and ask everyone to join. Here on facebook, copy-paste the note to your own GnR related friends.

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

I liked it.

Nice tribute. :)

I'd move it to the main section, but his birthday isn't for another 24 hours.

People start these birthday threads earlier and earlier every year.

If you live in Australia or somewhere that way, it isn't 24 hours left. ;)

Here in Sweden it's just 14 hours left.

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Ptsondr is my main man.

I created a bunch of images for him last year which he used as backgrounds for his YouTube videos.

I love him very much.

If I ever have children (god forbid) I will ask him to be their godfather.

Oh.... ER, you make me shy :wub: Yeah... I still remember the images you created for me. That was funny!

@gunsguy: To be honest, I've never joined twitter (although I did hear about it). OK, I will try...

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